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The Spectrum of DeFi Research

CRCI - The Spectrum of DeFi Research
CRCI - The Spectrum of DeFi Research

We wanted to share more context on the CRCI approach to DeFi fundamental analysis.

Success and failure are not events, they are manifestations of a process.

The CRCI first-principles approach to DeFi fundamental analysis aims to review a project's long term value proposition, in terms of operational processes. Our reviews are structured to measure a project's commitment to transparency, user protections, and accountability.

It's important to remember that our opinions are not a substitute for investor due diligence, nor do we cover all possible variables. We review DeFi projects based on a spectrum of operational metrics, and can accommodate post-mortem considerations in our scoring.

All content we review is objective in the sense that it is drawn from publicly available sources accessible to anyone. Adjustments in our CRCI Scores reflect real-world events and updates from the projects under review, and in that way, all our opinions are user auditable.

With the significant potential for total loss in DeFi, transparency, user protections, and an active commitment to accountability are non-negotiable. Yet without accountability standards in operational processes, projects currently carry equal opportunity and credibility as bad actors, leaving investors to fend for themselves.

The community’s “DYOR” mantra can’t replace the need for clear standards, especially when users directly engage in financial opportunities without meaningful safeguards. Our goal is to explore these standards objectively, from a first-principles approach.

If you are also fatigued with bad actors having free reign and agree that our ecosystem lacks standards and operational accountability, please vote for our F10 proposal to help get our initiative and our research in front of the community.

Be Diligent.

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