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The CRCI Pledge of Excellence

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For Projects

Each project enrolled in the CRCI Pledge of Excellence program agrees to adhere to the following conditions. 

Regular CRCI Progress Reviews:

Commitment to ongoing detailed third party CRCI Reviews focusing on transparency, user protection and accountability. 

Continuous Improvement:

CRCI provides actionable feedback for improvement, enabling projects to refine operations, enhance offerings, and better align with community expectations.

CRCI Pledge of Excellence Distinction:

Earn the CRCI Pledge of Excellence Badge, signifying a commitment to excellence and recognition among projects advocating for third-party operational accountability.

CRCI Improvement:

We work with our Pledge of Excellence members to improve the CRCI process for how all projects should be reviewed. We're not on the attack, we're here to inspire and hold up a mirror. Our open feedback channel is designed to elevate our entire DeFi community.

Promote an Attitude of Accountability:

Encourage ecosystem participants to insist on excellence, embrace accountability opportunities and collectively deter opportunistic actors and by promoting greatness among builders.

Survey Respondents


of respondents consider operational process reviews and actionable feedback accountability to be very significant in influencing their perception of a project's credibility and potential, regardless of their CRCI Score.

(of which 4 out of 10 respondents said it's extremely significant!)

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For the Community

Focus your Research Efforts:

Maximize your time and prioritize projects committed to transparency, user protections, and accountability. The CRCI Reviews can guide you in determining where to focus your research resources.

More Signal, Less Noise:

The CRCI Pledge of Excellence establishes a higher barrier of entry deterring bad actors by requiring projects to publish their commitment to user protection and operational integrity to earn and retain their CRCI Score and CRCI Pledge of Excellence status.

Informed Decision-Making:

Add the CRCI Reviews and insights to your own methods of research to formulate your own informed decisions. You are your own best investment advisor and if you don't feel you are, find someone who you trust that has the expertise in fundamental analysis that matches your investment risk and goals.

Community Feedback and Input

Your experience with our DeFi projects help guide our objectives. With combined community efforts we can all work to build a more accountable ecosystem. We're building ways to collect community research to add to the value of the DeFi ecosystem.

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