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CRCI's Origin


Hello and welcome! I’m RJ and my journey into the world of crypto started with curiosity, FOMO, and a bit of bad timing. Back in early 2018, right after the excitement of the 2017 crypto bull run, my first crypto purchase was Charlie Lee’s Litecoin and if you don't understand that reference, I bought the top. Like many who started at that time, I watched as my initial crypto investment dropped by roughly ~80%.

Those were the days of the ICO mania, where hype was common, and there were many promises to revolutionize “Trillion-dollar” industries with little accountability or transparency. The market was a wild west, very interesting but often unforgiving, especially to newcomers like myself. This tough experience was humbling and I was forced to slow down and take the time to better research the crypto ecosystem.

Why CRCI was Founded

Fast forward to 2021, I remained frustrated by the lack of clear guidelines on how to evaluate projects. My research over the years led to me feeling overwhelmed by whitepaper fatigue, so I set out to create what I couldn’t find: a structured, reliable way to analyze DeFi investments from a fundamental analysis point of view. This led to the creation of Chromahex Research and Confidence Insights Corp (CRCI). Our mission is simple: to establish standards of transparency, protection for users, and operational accountability in the DeFi space.

Here at CRCI, we don't just review projects. By drilling through over 25 metrics, we look to understand the fundamental details of tokenomics, the strength of project teams, and their implementation of user protections. We believe that, just like in traditional finance, the pillars of a successful investment are rooted in diligent research and a clear understanding of both the opportunities and the risks.

Our Commitment

My personal experiences have deeply influenced the values at CRCI. I know firsthand how daunting the crypto world can be. That’s why we are committed to providing free insights that anyone, whether a seasoned investor or a curious newbie, can consider when making educated decisions. Our reviews and services are designed to highlight not only the strengths of a project but also its potential weaknesses, ensuring you have a holistic view before you invest. Through this approach we are perfectly positioned to offer DeFi projects, educated, professional and actionable insights on what ground they still need to cover. It's a win, win for everybody.

At CRCI, we champion DeFi builders that embrace refinement and a commitment to accountability with our CRCI Pledge of Excellence program. We are not here to sell you on any project. Instead, we offer our research as a tool for your own decision-making, a guide to help you navigate this exciting but complex landscape with greater confidence and to quickly identify DeFi projects that build in ways that align with your values and expectations.

Demand Evidence of Accountability

Always insist on evidence of accountability in any investment decision. Always look for third party professional code audits and professional operational accountability reviews. Crypto is still wildly unregulated and the consumer is directly exposed to bad actors and ill-prepared projects that thrive on hype which significantly dilutes the reputation of the DeFI environment and the positive impact of legitimate innovators in our space. We are here to help you quickly identify DeFi leaders that prioritize their users and investors by doing everything they can to demonstrate their commitment to accountability.


Chromahex Research and Confidence Insights Corp.
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