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With your vote, you will directly support four DeFi projects in the Cardano ecosystem, with the opportunity to further refine their projects in terms of transparency, user protection, and accountability!


Thank you for your vote and your support!

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Elevate your DeFi Project with CRCI

DeFi leaders build trust by demonstrating their commitment to accountability and embracing opportunities to improve.

96% of respondents consider a first-principles approach to assessing DeFi operational processes, to be very important!

(29% very important, 67% extremely important!)

The Dark Side of DeFi: Fraud, Hacks, Lack of Industry Standards

Recent reports show a staggering $2.48 BILLION lost to various blockchain exploitations just in 2023 alone, highlighting the urgent need for a change.

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CRCI: Your Partner in Standards Based Accountability

At CRCI, we acknowledge the DeFi industry's need for reliable third-party accountability programs. That's why we've developed our first-principles approach to DeFi fundamental analysis.

CRCI fills a vital market gap, helping your project stand out for its commitment to trustworthiness in an industry completely lacking such fundamental analysis frameworks.

The CRCI Reviews and Pro-active Guidance

CRCI's approach is unparalleled in its coverage of over 25 domain specific metrics. We delve into your project's public information, providing a score that reflects your dedication to operational excellence.

Our methodology is not just about scoring; it's about guiding projects towards continuous improvement and excellence.

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The CRCI Public Data-Driven Approach

Our model is structured on reviewing only publicly available data. This approach allows for community verification and ensures our analysis is public data-driven, and reflecting trends and best practices in the DeFi space.


Our structured methodology allows for unprecedented consistency in reviews and the ability to update our process with contributions to our CRCI Improvement initiative.

DeFi leaders
lead in accountability

As with code audits, projects that embrace the community's preference for third-party fundamental accountability are leading the ecosystem and raising standards before such accountability becomes not just preferred but expected.

With our external expert evaluations, we offer an exclusive opportunity for you to demonstrate operational accountability that self-assessment alone cannot achieve.

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