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CRCI F10 Catalyst Proposal

We're proud to announce our Cardano Catalyst funding proposal. We're introducing the CRCI project. Our mission? To fill a crucial gap in the DeFi landscape by providing accessible, standardized information and fundamental analysis reviews of DeFi projects.

Because of a general lack of resources on how to research DeFi, and the absence of oversight and regulation in the DeFi ecosystem, retail investors are particularly susceptible. As a result, bad actors and product failures are not held to a fiduciary standard.

We envision a DeFi ecosystem where safety protocols, standards, and best practices are not an afterthought, but a fundamental prerequisite; as well as a barrier for bad actors. CRCI aims to bridge the divide between the current state of DeFi and its potential.

We're developing the CRCI web application. It's a platform that will host and share research scores and insights on DeFi projects in our ecosystem. This will empower investors to make informed decisions and promote transparency, user protections and excellence.

We'll measure our project's success in part by tracking how DeFi projects improve their CRCI scores over time. Our methodology and scoring process are a direct KPI of both the CRCI's impact and the DeFi projects that are reviewed.

We're committed to openly sharing our research scores with the community. Our API service will aid in sharing our indices and ratings, amplifying our reach and value to the DeFi space. Our focus on fundamental analysis is unique in the industry and prioritizes the investor.

We're ready to further deliver on this project with our value-add to the ecosystem. With our significant ground work established and a self-sustaining business model, we're looking to Catalyst to get to the next level.

We're seeking 372,000 ADA to fund our immediate future milestones. We've already bootstrapped 950,000 ADA worth of work. We're also looking to expand our team and looking for visionary investors to help elevate our project.

We're excited to continue to contribute to the Cardano DeFi space! Your support for our project means a lot. Have questions? We're here to answer. Please consider us when voting in Catalyst!

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