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Anonymous builders in DeFi: CRCI looks at Mynth

At CRCI, our dedication to a first-principles approach in DeFi fundamental analysis motivates us to elevate our DeFi ecosystem. The topic of building anonymously in the field of crypto currency is something new to consider regarding investment decisions.

We're looking at @_mynth_ as an example of an anonymous team as they encounter unique obstacles as they prioritize maintaining their anonymity.

We recognize the many potential reasons for this decision. Regulatory concerns, perceived conflicts of interest, various jurisdictional safety concerns, but also in the spirit of crypto, the emphasis on equal opportunities, community driven focus, and ultimately the "proof of work" where open source efforts have value on their own merit.

In the context of DeFi, however, transparency and accountability are essential for gaining the trust of consumers and investors. While it's not to imply that anonymous teams cannot achieve excellence, the reality is that prior to the CRCI's proposition, there have been no standards by which projects could have the opportunity to be measured by first-principle metrics, to demonstrate their commitment to accountability.

Our process for conducting due diligence focuses on highlighting initiatives that prioritize transparency and user protections, and we believe that all teams, whether anonymous or doxxed, must demonstrate their dedication to leading in accountability. In the end, trust is the foundation of decentralized finance.

Engaging with the CRCI affords anonymous teams the chance to demonstrate their commitment to building in many other ways that address many community concerns. The CRCI solely considers information that is publicly available in our review process, ensuring that the evidence of excellence a project presents is transparent and accessible to everyone.

The CRCI stands as an ally to well-intended projects, offering a path even for anonymous teams to establish credibility and showcase the value of their work. By demonstrating their dedication to accountability, these teams may gain recognition and trust within the crypto community.

We envision a DeFi ecosystem where safety protocols, standards, and best practices are not an afterthought, but a fundamental prerequisite; as well as a barrier for bad actors. CRCI aims to bridge the divide between the current state of DeFi and its potential.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage with @_mynth_ with a concrete set of metrics where there is ground to cover, and the opportunity for them to produce results that reach the community in a way that adds value and prioritizes the user as a way to demonstrate excellence.

Our reviews are not intended as a replacement for individual due diligence and are neither offered as advice nor an automatic endorsement.

What are your thoughts on anonymous builders in our ecosystem?

Be Safe.

Be Excellent.

Be Diligent.

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