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DeFi Due Diligence: CRCI looks into Linkage Finance

At CRCI, we take pride in our first principles approach to DeFi fundamental analysis. Our goal is to contribute to a stronger and more reliable DeFi ecosystem. As the token sale for @LinkageFinance commences, we've conducted an analysis of their platform. Our findings have brought up certain concerns which almost all flow from the limited amount of information available about the project regarding their intentions and credibility.

We strongly believe in the importance of conducting thorough due diligence. In the DeFi space, our primary goals are to promote transparency, user protection, and excellence. Our mission is to support and promote promising projects that provide authentic value to the community.

Our utmost priority is to prioritize the end users in the DeFi ecosystem. This entails providing support to builders who exhibit integrity and unwavering dedication. Our objective is to engage in collaborations with projects that demonstrate prioritizing accountability.

Our reviews are not intended as a replacement for individual due diligence and are neither offered as advice nor an automatic endorsement.

Though our review might not be favorable, we invite @LinkageFinance to reveal your potential by engaging with the CRCI and displaying your commitment to excellence through transparency and addressing concerns.

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