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Genius DEX is decentralized exchange (DEX) designed specifically to take advantage of Cardano’s Extended Unspent Transaction Output (EUTxO)-based smart contract ledger.

The innovation brought by the EUTxO system enables Turing complete smart contracts absent on the original UTxO Bitcoin model. EUTxO-based smart contracts differ substantially from account-based protocols currently dominating the DApp space [1]. Therefore, novel protocol design patterns must be developed for the EUTxO model to take full advantage of the underlying data structure.

From first principles, Genius DEX is a complete redesign of the typical AMM DEX protocol. It is a new generation of DEX leveraging EUTxO architecture’s benefits such as security, determinism, parallelism, scalability and composability.

The Genius DEX offers powerful features such as Smart Swaps enabling programmable and composable orders, and concentrated liquidity positions for higher capital efficiency and yield opportunities.

The DEX’s improved order expressiveness and liquidity flexibility allow for powerful secondary protocols to be built on top of it. Genius’s Smart Liquidity Vault is an example of one such protocol. By leveraging Genius DEX’s advanced functionalities, yield optimization can be achieved with algorithmic trading strategies.

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