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*Months before ~50% of tokens become liquid

How we standardize tokenomics

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Project Description

Our innovative strategy to merge the functionality of a DEX with the powerful capabilities of NFTfi will give us a huge advantage over any other DEX in the space. Our platform utilizes an advanced Automated Market Maker (AMM) / orderbook hybrid, and is powered by the CSWAP community, one of strongest communities in the Cardano space.

CSWAP's NFT DEX is the first of its kind on Cardano, and is the second largest NFT marketplace on the chain. It is available via

The CSWAP fungible token DEX is actively being developed and is slated to be publicly released in Q1 2024.

By combining the capabilities of a fungible token DEX with features of the NFTfi platform, we will be the only hybrid DEX in all of crypto. This opens up new financial opportunities for users that don't exist anywhere else.

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