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A First Principles Approach to DeFi Fundamental Analysis

Web3 offers a new trustless landscape of DeFi opportunities.

You are your own bank.

Be Diligent.

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Welcome to CRCI, where we're revolutionizing DeFi fundamental analysis using a unique first principles approach. Our innovative method examines operational integrity to provide a deeper understanding of a project's propositions and implementations. With our holistic approach, we identify nuances that traditional methods overlook, and automated methods can't measure. Complement your own research with our insights and as always, Be Diligent.

CRCI First Principles Approach

CRCI First Principles.png

CRCI Matrix

A powerful visual representation of the CRCI relationship of DeFi projects along the axis of strength of proposal and strength of implementation.

Formulated Industry Best Practices

We've collected data from numerous DeFi projects and have modelled trends and best practices all the way down to tokenomic models.


The most powerful feature of the CRCI scoring system that considers project failures of any kind.

Fully Documented CRCI Scoring Methodology

Every metric goes through a relevance test and has documented rationale for it's contribution to a meaningful, holistic CRCI Score.


"The CRCI reviews each DeFi project's capacity to communicate, execute and provide their solutions with transparency while keeping user protection and ecosystem health as priorities."

Regulated traditional banking relies on trust in various entities that offer layers of protections and conveniences. Despite many flaws, accountability measures are established.


By contrast, blockchain transactions are trustless, lack protections and offer limited conveniences. Mistakes are irreversible in addition to greater potential for failure, bad actors, and less accountability measures.

You are your own bank. Be Diligent.

Intelligently weighted metrics


Critical Metrics




Products Tracked

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